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The current dilemma with sepsis diagnosis

„Sepsis is defined as life-threatening
organ dysfunction
caused by a
dysregulated host response


Diagnosis of infection:

• Too slow
Detects bacteria after
24h-48h (blood culture)

→ Useless for initial treatment decision

• Not reliable:
30-60% of septic patients do not have bacteria in the blood

→ Limited utility to diagnose a sepsis


Diagnosis of Immune response:

• Too unspecific
Similar symptoms in other diseases (heart failure, trauma)

• To unspecific, too slow:
Current markers are upregulated in sterile inflammation without infection

Time to result: at least 6h

→ Limited utility to diagnose a sepsis



Diagnosis of organ dysfunction:

• Too unspecific
Detects the condition of a patient that can have different reasons

→ Limited utility to diagnose a sepsis

→ prognosis rather than diagnosis

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Sepsis -

each minute counts

Accelerated diagnosis would save lives and billions for healthcare systems
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delay in

+ 8% of sepsis patients
develop septic shock
+ 2-7,5% increased lethality

Delay in diagnosis causes:
- Prolonged hospital stay and time in
intensive care unit (estimated 4 days)
- Prolonged therapy

Standard Recommendation:

1-hour sepsis bundle

Treatment within 1 hour after recognition of first signs of sepsis:

• Broad spectrum antibiotics
• Cristalloid fluid infusion therapy

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